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Soma instructor mix - gaps found?

i have never had problem with the music before. usually when I download it there are no issues with playback, the music plays with no gaps. With the Soma mix the first 2 songs were loading separately and when i added them to the rest in a playlist they had big gaps between the first 2 songs, the rest play non stop as normal.
i have tried to fix it by removing them and downloading 3 times and still the same result, although the last time they all came together but the first 2 songs still have major gaps. not sure how to fix this to play on my i pod. 


Dear Trina,

We are looking into this and will get back to you!
Thanks so much for your patience.

Best regards,


Dear Trina,

Thanks for your email. 
I'm not sure why this is happening. Here is the tracklisting, make sure the order is correct. 

Also, try the continuous mix as a temporary fix. 

Let me know if you figure it out or not. We'll look into it too. 

Best regards,
Rowan Sentesy
Bellyfit Support Team

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