Currently we don't have plans to release DVDs for the following reasons:

1. The quality of the video is poor. DVDs allow for only 720x480 pixels whereas the digital videos can be 720p or 1080p HD (high definition). 

2. Creating plastic products, cases and shipping in envelopes is not something we want to do because we believe that more plastic in the world is not good for the environment. 

3. In the near and distant future, all video content will be cloud-based and will not require separate players and physical things to put in them in order to enjoy the content. 

"My downloads take hours and then fail"

This can happen if you have a slow internet connection or are overloading it by downloading multiple videos at a time. 
A couple of tips for downloading content:

When you download the videos, choose a smaller video size to download. 


The sizes are on the right hand side and the smallest one in the above image is 189 MB. This should be relatively quick to download. 

Try to download only one video at a time. If that one video file downloads correctly, you can try downloading more than one OR selecting a larger video resolution the next time.


You can stream the videos directly from the Bellyfit website. This should also be as simple as watching a YouTube or Vimeo video. You can also select the resolution of the video if you have issues with it pausing and buffering on your slower internet connection. 


To adjust the resolution, click on the 'HD' icon on the video player and select a resolution. The smaller number will be easier to stream, but poorer quality, and the higher number will be higher quality but require more bandwidth.