This guide is designed to help guide you how to take the downloaded music and get it into iTunes so you can either Burn it to CD, or sync to your iPod/iPhone etc.

This is a basic guide to help you learn how to use music from CREW in iTunes.

You need to download the .zip file of the music from CREW.

If you do not have iTunes installed, install it now

Get the resource from CREW

  1. Go to your Library:
  2. Click on the resource you want to work with.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Download’ section, and click on ‘Download Resource’
  4. Save the file to your computer.

Unzip the file and add it to iTunes

  1. Unzip the downloaded file (.zip) and extract the mp3s to a folder- doesn’t really matter where, but somewhere you can find later.
  • Windows user? Please follow these instructions:
  • Mac user? To uncompress (expand) an item, double-click the .zip file.
  • Open up iTunes
  • Go to iTunes: File > Add Folder to Library
  • Find the folder you extracted in step 1.
  • Now your mp3 files are now in your iTunes library, make a playlist of the files (for easy burning/synching to ipod): refer to this article:
  • Do your tracks seem out of order?

    1. If your tracks appear to be in the wrong order, here’s how to sort them by track number. In iTunes, go to ‘view’, and click on ‘Show View Options’. More information can be found here:
    2. Make sure to check the ‘Track Number’ checkbox to display it. Then you can click on the column header to sort by track number.

    Mind the Gaps!

    Sometimes, iTunes will automatically add gaps into the playlist and these will be audible on your iOS device or CD. 

    If burning a CD, be sure to have the 'Gap Between Songs' set as 'none' as below: 

    Sync playlist to iOS device

    To sync this playlist to an Apple device, please read more here:

    Burn playlist to CD

    To burn the playlist to a CD, please read more here:

    This is a preliminary guide and we will continue to develop this article and others in this category. 

    If you have any questions, please email us at or post a comment below.