When you purchase videos from our site, such as the Elements Videos, you can access the downloads by clicking on the Shop > My Purchases link in the menu. 

You will see two download options for each video, one is labeled 'Download' and the other is labeled 'Download (small)'. 

The filesizes are listed below the download buttons and these sizes will indicate that the 'small' versions are about 1/3 the size of the large ones. 

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, choose one or the other. For instance, if you have a slow internet connection, try downloading the 'small' version first as it will take much less time to download. If you have a standard high-speed internet connection, we recommend downloading the regular (larger) versions. 

The main difference between the two files is that the 'small' versions are lower resolution (usually 480 x 270) which is roughly equivalent to DVD quality. The the regular versions are HD (1280 x 720 aka 720p) and is considered standard size for online streaming services. 

If you don't know how fast your internet connection is, you can use a speed test tool such as: http://www.speedtest.net/

For example, testing our local speed using the above tool shows we can download at nearly 30 MBPS, this would mean we can download a 1.5 GB file in approximately 7 minutes. 

Our best advice is to try the larger ones first, one at a time, and if they download fast enough for you, continue with the standard ones. If they download very slowly and you don't want to wait, use the small version.