1. Go to the CREW site: http://www.bellyfit.com/crew
  2. Login, if you're not logged in already
  3. On the left hand side, you should see the menu. Please click on the 'Resources' tab, then click on the Bellyfit® format then Overview


  4. When you see the resources on the screen, you can click on the 'Details' button under any of the resources. The cost of the resources is marked with in red on the left of each resource. 


  5. You can also hover over the image and click the 'view' button to pull up a quick display window. Here you can see the description of the routine and see other information about it.

  6. You can click the '+ Add to Cart' button here, or click on the 'Details' button to see even more info.

  7. On the details page, you can watch the trailer or listen to a mini-mix (for choreography or music, respectively)

  8. When you've decided on a routine, click on the '+ Add to Cart' button. 

  9. You'll see a note at the top of the screen saying that the item has been added to your cart. 

  10. Now on the left, you can click on the 'Cart' tab. This will display your cart contents:


  11. If you're ready to checkout, click on the 'Checkout' button. 

  12. You will now see the View Cart page which will show a summary of the items in your cart. Click on the 'Pay Now' button to debit your Account balance of CCs and add the resource to your library. 

  13. Once you've clicked Pay Now, you can go to your 'My Library' tab on the sidebar. 


  14. Your new resource will now appear in My Library!