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Overhaul of 'Manage Classes' in CREW interface

We've got a plan to redesign the class management tools in CREW and would love your feedback about the process. 

Manage Classes can be found on CREW > Account > Manage Classes


There are several issues we've identified with the existing forms. 

1. Seeing ALL facilities in the system when selecting facility. Should this only show the facilities that you have created? The reason its like this is because there is a possibility that your facility has more than one instructor teaching classes at it. If one goes to the Facility page, it would make sense to a customer that all active classes at the facility be shown. 


2. The process is split up so that you currently must add the facility if it doesn't exist, then add the class and link it to the facility. This is cumbersome and counterintuitive. I'd imagine, ideally, that creating the class is the first action and choosing to add a facility at the same time (if it doesn't yet exist) should happen on the same form. 

Any other feedback or suggestions on the redesign of this feature? 


Good to know Charlotte, I will start adding this into my Master Training call I have with new trainees, making sure they know how to go about this.

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I'm glad you posted this as I didn't know the Class management tool even existed.  I must have missed a memo along the line.!  wondering how many instructors use this and is it effective and useful?

I have adjusted to the way it has been.  But I agree with Heather about having a place to state which class it is.  Sometimes it's confusing for potential students.  I have also written in the note section but it would be nice to have a place for the class description.

I don't mind that all the facilities show up. I have adjusted to it. 

Once the facility is added, then it is there for when and if I need it again.

This might apply to another feature of this section...but it would also be nice to show whether the class is regular Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow or Bellyfit Sage.

I have this written in the notes, but it would be good to have right on the schedule for people to see.

Also an option that states a class is ongoing, (along with the start and end dates for those that have specific start and finish dates)

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