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How much do the Bellyfit instructors make...?

I am really excited to become a Bellyfit instructor....however, so far on your site I have not seen any questions/answers pertaining to how much the Bellyfit instructor makes...which is perplexing much per class would I make if I became a Bellyfit instructor....??  Is there a set fee ?   

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Hi Elaina,

Thanks for the post and question! It looks like this was posted a while ago and we're sorry for the delay. This is a relatively new Forum system that our instructors have not fully adopted yet as they are still mostly using our Instructor-only Facebook group. 

To answer your question, there is no set fee for Bellyfit instructors, it entirely depends on the facility that hires you. Alternatively, instructors can also rent their own space, such as a school gym, hall or private studio which could yield higher pay. There is a toss-up between these two options as renting your own facility could be more profitable, but it could also be more work to market and fill your classes. 

I have asked some of our Instructors to leave their feedback on this topic also, so hopefully you'll see their responses soon. 


Hi! It will largely depend on your area and fee structure you are set up with. I have two arrangements in my city where I teach, one facility pays me a flat rate of $50 per class regardless of how many drop ins I have, the other facility pays me 70% of fees taken in from registrants (pre-registered set). I can't say that this is "standard" for all instructors but hopefully others chime in on this thread to give you an idea of their income structure as well.  Bear in mind most instructors are self employed and either run their own classes and rent a venue/profit share or are contracted in as instructors to a facility.  Hope that helps! :)

I think it depends on where you will be teaching. I am a contracted instructor as well as work for myself. When I am contracted I make between $40-$80 based on the number of participants. When I work for myself based on 15-33 participants a class I will make an average of $75 a class. I hope that helps :) You will love teaching Bellyfit! I teach a number of modalities and I love them all but teaching Bellyfit is my passion :)
I teach classes through a city recreation department and also through the YMCA here in California. The YMCA pays me a flat fee per hour that is the same for all instructors, usually between $20 and $30 per hour for teaching a packed room. It works well for me because they also provide childcare and give me a hefty discount on my daughter's preschool. I don't need to do any marketing for the class. I just show up and teach. So perks are something to consider. My classes through the city are very inexpensive for the participants, about $6/class, but the city gives me a decent percentage based on enrollment. I've worked for several city programs like this and have seen the instructor get anywhere between 50% and 70%. depending on enrollment, I've made anywhere between $35 and $75 per class.

I teach at the local Parks and Rec. dept. here in Northern Calif.  The fee I charge is $50.00 per month for 2 classes per week and my cut is 60%.  At gyms it is a flat fee for all instructors usually $20-$25 per class.  I teach through the Senior Center locally and get a suggested donation of $4.00 per class. Most students will donate $5. I believe it really depends on what the market is, and how popular Bellyfit is.


It would definitely depend on your where you live and where you are teaching quite often gyms and studios give you a percentage of the registration if you are running it as a business yourself then you have to consider rental fees and insurance. Places such as Recreation Centers quite often have a set rate per class no matter how many participants attend. I live in a small town in BC and teach at the local Recreation Center I get paid $28.56 per class (but keep in mind I said small town so my classes average 6-12 participants and Drop-in rate is only $5.60) If I was to approach a private studio in the area where the drop-in rate is $17 I would be making considerably more per class or if I ventured to nearby surrounding areas. Drop-in rates in this area for people who run group classes on their own and not on contract with a facility range from $10-$20 per participant it quite often is higher in areas with more population :)

Hallo Rowan,

Thanks for reminding me. As you know I working only on contract now, in two (very soon 3) fitness center in Oslo. I am rewarded between 300 nok and 450 nok per hour, (46,87 cad - 70,30 cad).

I could probably own twice of it if I did this for my self, but it would increase my expenses too.

Best regards and hugs from me,



Depends on where you are.  A lot of gyms and studios may give you $4 to $5 per person with a maximum pay out of $50 per class.  But they will also have a minimum amount of students who need to sign up. (IE 10 need to be registered before it will run)  I have only made really low amounts.  $15 to $24 per class.

Hey Elaina
Again like stated by the above lovely ladies, it is completely different depending on where you teach.  I do have a bit of advice for you though.  Whatever way you do decide to go, whether it be teaching at a private facility or a community run program, here are a few things I have learned.
I started out privately renting my own facility and advertising was ALOT of work to get participants  and the price I had to charge per class was around $20.  I now teach for our community organization and I find it alot easier, as they advertise for the classes,I have a facility and it is very reasonable price for the attendees and I get paid $35 per class no matter.  Now that being said, you have to deal with a few more people and can't always do what you want.  But I definitely like teaching for the community the best!


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