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I'm a new instructor and have some questions about teaching

Hi everyone :) I'm currently not teaching but waiting approval on 2 different establishments for fall programming.

I've never done this before and I come from a dental assisting background (eeeeek)

I've completed my practicum classes in april and miss teaching and pleasantly so do my participants miss the classes :D

I'm incredibly nervous about the technicalities and rules I need to follow....such as waivers and venues... do I need insurance or are the waivers sufficient? Can I do a class outdoors? ugh.... Am I doing this right? Should I be asking this on this forum? Am I making myself look bad? *lol* Where are these answers or guidelines written? Help me please!!! :/

Hey Nancy,

Thanks so much for your post. I moved it from the original topic, and created this topic for you. 

I look forward to hearing back from some of our CREW to get their feedback on your great questions. 

For the meantime, you can access the Operations Manual in Lesson 1 of the Foundation course:

It should cover most of those questions!



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Hi Nancy
I would talk with the facilities that you are planning to teach at. If it is a rec/community centre, they might already have waivers that your participants sign built into their system when people pay and register for the classes. They may also ask you to carry your own insurance in order to teach there. I would look into getting your own liability insurance. Check out
You could also look into getting certified as a group fitness leader (
When I first started teaching I had a waiver available that I had everyone sign. Plus a PARQ (
I hope this helps!

It doesn't hurt to make sure you cover yourself.


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Nancy, take a deep breath and know that you are going to be amazing at this! Like you, I had never taught exercise or fitness classes either but I knew in my heart that this was what I wanted. The fact that you have ladies ready to be in your class when you begin puts you ahead of the curve in my mind. Yes the waivers and insurance are important for your protection and are good for you to become familiar with especially if you are going to do demos or outdoor classes, but if you know the space is safe for you and your ladies then trust it. As part of the Bellyfit community I always feel like I can ask questions or for advice, that is why we are all here! ☺️. There is a fine line between fear and excitement so listen closely to your heart...I bet you find the absence of fear!! Xo

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Hi Nancy,my opinion is yes get your own insurance and also have them sign waivers.I am in Ontario and my ins is only $125 a yr which covers wherever I teach,over the age of 16 only.I believe it is not safe to teach outdoors as the ground is to un -level for my liking!  No question you ever ask is wrong or stupid!!!  Good luck!!  You'll do great!!  Lisa

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We have all been where you are, and survived!  Think of it like a new routine, where feet and arms aren't quite synchronized just yet. 

Currently I teach through city recreation departments where I am hired as an employee, so all those issues are covered.  Even so, I purchase insurance to protect myself.  If you rent a studio space, ask about their own waivers and how you are protected through their business insurance.  If they have nothing, I would definitely recommend waivers (Bellyfit has one you can download) and insurance.  You can always informally check with your students as to "issues in the tissues" and accommodate them with a little research-based modification.

I LOVE dancing outside.  Shoes would definitely be required, and a level surface--you don't want anyone to get injured.

And, there are no dumb questions!


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Thank you Rowan :) and Thank you so much ladies!!! I appreciate the feedback and yes!!!!! I'm excited ;)


Lisa, who do you have insurance with?


Thank you Heather, I will definitely look into that :)
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