Sneak peek at the Foundation Course Introduction!

Here's a sneak peek at the first video from our Foundation Course:

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Inspiring ;-)

What a nice communication, inviting, authentic and so much Bellyfit® Wise. I love it and I love you Alice.

This is gunna be awesome!!! <3

Love It!

Great work Bellyfit...taking it to the next level!


"Personal power."  I had enough of it to get started, and WOW do I feel it even more now!  It has been life-changing. 

WouHou! Exciting! And that's touching this so important part... Loving ourself and our body... As a Bellyfit instructor, taking care of this relationship with ourself... That is opening the door to the best.
Great! That's touching this so important part... Loving our body and ourself... As a Bellyfit instructor, taking care of this relationship with ourself. The best is coming...
Rowan... Sorry for the double here! I should have wait few more seconds before the comment appears!

I feel thrilled to be a part of Bellyfit, I'm LOVING it!!! and look forward to see this courses.

I just got chills all through my body!! Congratulations Alice and the rest of the Bellyfit team!! I can't wait to be rein spired all over again through the power of love for ourselves and for the love of other women all around us. Thank you again for being AMAZING!!!!

My heart is singing and my soul is dancing...thank you! This is going to be an incredible journey! I am beyond excited!!! xo

Thanks for all the feedback! 

If you want to see, we now have our landing page complete:

There are also 2 more sneak peek videos on the product page:

Feel free to share the Training page with your networks. Thanks for helping us grow our CREW!

check it out!



This is amazing!

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