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Mat Configuration for Core and Floor

Bellyfitters, now that my classes are getting larger (!!) I am being challenged to find the right set up for the mats so everyone can see me.  I liked the SAGE model where the instructor is in the middle, and rotates a quarter turn a few times during the chair portion.  I tried laying out my mat in the center of the room of 15 students, and turned myself around a couple times to show the poses.  I was standing for poses that I could share that way.  It seemed to work fine, but I wondered if any of you have other bright ideas?  THX!

Hello Leslie, one of the local where I teach is large enough and we make a large circle. No one on the middle. Sometimes complicated for left and right hahaha!

Sounds like an interesting problem. In the past, when we have larger classes, using a riser at the front of the room. 

Something like this: 

You can probably buy them too! 

Some facilities have risers to use- best case scenario :) 

FYI: totally just googled: "stage riser diy"

Finished product:

I haven't tried it for bellyfit, but in other classes sometimes with a bigger group, a semi-circle works well because then no one gets your back, and the people who would normally be on the outside edges of the front row are now brought in closer to you.  I like it for certain things because if you have a room with mirrors, you've now changed things up so that people don't get so caught up in their own reflection!  :) 

What is that on the top Rowan?  Is it slippery enough to teach cardio on?

My classes are pretty small under 10, but for Sage I need to teach in a circle.  I call out the directions for the ladies because they get confused and I have some who are directionally challenged.  Much laughter happens and no injuries.  We also put the chairs in a circle when that time comes.  I have asked if they want to go back to the lines and all stated NO!  They have a better sense of community this way.  So it works.  :)

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